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           Why Should Glock 19 Be The Most Famous Handgun in The World?


The GLOCK 19 is GLOCK’s original full-size model 17 editions, which is scaled-down. It is a semi-automatic 9-mm gun, controlled by a striker-fired, locked-breech short-coil pistol. The demands made by plain-clothes police officers did not want to sacrifice ammo capability for size, which contributed to the invention of the GLOCK 19. Many measurements of the weapon are the same though, the barrel of the GLOCK 19 is just 4 inches narrower for a total length of 6.85 inches shorter. Both have a triggers pull of 5.5 pounds, a hexagonal twist of 9.84-inch right hand, and a width of 1.18 inches. Model 19 carries an unloaded weight of 20.99 ounces and loaded 29.98 ounces. The nineteen have 15 rounds.

                                              The GLOCK 19 Shooting ability

 The GLOCK 19 is a joy to fire with its combined weight, barrel, and 9 mm length. The recoil is minimal and handy. The slide is quick and straightforward to perform without the sensation of being stuck in the vein. The trigger pull of 5.5 pounds corresponds to its kind of weapons and doesn’t make a striking pistol surprise. It breaks up reliably and effortlessly.

Model 19 still makes maximum grip, considering its smaller size. You’ll be able to treat the pistol properly with the GLOCK 19. For the uncomfortable sling pinkie, you do not have an extended magazine, too much for subcompact handguns. The gun is incredibly controllable because of its height. Naturally, the barrel lies higher in the side so that the spiral forces directly upwards, guiding the muzzle. This ensures that you receive faster and more precise monitoring.

The polymer, white dot, and white U-shaped rear views perform well enough to touch the bullseye to get clear clusters in a distance of 15 feet. Due to the success of GLOCK 19, it is easy to find updated visitors at a wide range of inexpensive rates, from glow-into-Dunkle evening sights to ghost circles.

The GLOCK 19 does not have an outside escape lever or keys. But think it doesn’t make the GLOCK uncertain. In effect, the GLOCK has three separate mechanical safety features that GLOCK refers to as Safe Action. GLOCK has set up a trigger correctly. Until the trigger is completely depressed, the pistol is not going off. This safety device, “Secure Aktion,” avoids the accidental unloading of the weapon but allows competitive and self-defense shots faster when required.

                                                           Glock 19 Gen 3

All the Glock guns had a blocky grip area until 1990. Six more years later, the second generation received a little improvement which improved both the ergonomics of these pistols and their esthetics. The front of the grip has been finger grooves and a thumb stain that is used on both sides of the top grip section.
The dust cover on the frame was upgraded nicely: a rail for laser or lamp fixation. Glock calls it the Universal Rail, which in the next two decades will remain a feature.

Apart from the visual improvements, a new case extractor with an indicator was given. If the chamber is full, the user will realize. These developments in 1996 culminated in the so-called Glock Gen 3, and Gen 3 handguns were sold on Glock’s website before this paper was published.

About the fact that Gen 3 is the longest-running generation of these plastic pistols, Glock has continued to “improve” it. An ambidextrous magazine release for left-handed shooters was included in later production Gen 3 versions (which is unusual because before Glock introduced the latest ambidextrous mag release, all magazines, including early third-generation ones, only had one release notch — on the right side — so this feature never really worked well, and some owners have claimed malfunctions because of it). Glock began selling newer Rough Textured Frame (RTF) models of their handguns in 2009, only a year before the newer fourth generation would be launched.

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                                                           Glock 19 Gen 4

Glock launched Gen 4 a year after the final round of updates for their third-generation handguns. They had never really acknowledged how enthusiasts classified their handguns based on “generational” changes up until that time.
All recent Glock versions with major quality changes over previous Glock launches now have “Gen 4” laser-etched on their slides, making them readily distinguishable even to non-Glock enthusiasts.

In addition, Gen 4 models have a number of new features that are readily apparent right out of the box, the first and most noticeable of which is the finish.
To treat the slide’s surface for corrosion resistance, Glock uses a salt-bath ferritic-nitrocarburizing method known as Tenifer or Melonite, depending on who you ask (enthusiasts contend that the company had actually used Tenifer until 2011 when they first began using Melonite — both are trademarked processes marketed by the same company).

However, in comparison to previous generations, the coloring they use (on top of the treated slides) is a little different, resulting in a lighter shade of gray finish in Gen 4 models. Glocks of the fourth generation now come with adjustable back straps of various sizes in the box (along with three magazines as opposed to two in Gen 3s). This is to assist various people in gaining a more secure hold on the grip. As mentioned in Round 1 of this Handgun Showdown game, a strong grip makes for more precise shots and improved recoil control. And this adaptive grip feature isn’t only beneficial to those with bigger hands; the company engineered all Gen 4 pistol grips to be narrower than previous generation Glocks to ensure that people with smaller hands win as well.

                          GLOCK 19 – GEN3/4 – 9MM price range varies From $499.00 to $649.00

 Due to its reduced dimensions relative to normal gun-size, the middle-size or compact Glocks are suitable for dissimilar carriages and daily shoots. It distributes worldwide security services with a proven 9x19mm round. It is also useful for covered trains or as a contingency firearm in addition to its use as a traditional service weapon. Many elite USAF pilots, for instance, have trusted the Glock 19 to protect them effectively in emergent circumstances.

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                                                                       SHIPPING AND SAFETY

There are rules and regulations in shipping guns so if you’re Not buying from an official sales company like us you might find yourself in trouble. There’s a lot of fake websites and scams which might deceive you and you’ll never get anything you purchase so please be careful. We are a licensed firearm company with a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) and can ship firearms with Compliance Agreement.

– All firearms must be shipped in new corrugated packaging that meets the Single Wall Box Strength Guidelines

– All firearms are to be packaged in accordance with Packaging Guideline Specifications. Ammunition must be shipped separately from packages that contain firearms (including handguns).

– Packages containing handguns must be separated from other packages tendered for delivery.

– The labeling and outer box markings on all firearms shipments should not identify the contents as containing a firearm.

       Handguns such as the Glock 19 must either follow a specific guideline or are non Mailable. A common or contract carrier must be used to ship a handgun. In addition, Federal law requires that the carrier be notified that the shipment contains a firearm and prohibits common or contract carriers from requiring or causing any label to be placed on on the package. 

     This is why Glock 19 shop is one of the best when it comes to delivering. We’ve worked with the top common and contract carries across the country and the world such as Ryder Supply Chain Solutions and even J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services to make sure all orders are delivered. You can go ahead and order from the Glock 19 OFFICAL shop today for your firearm satisfaction and safety.