Welcome to the official Glock 19 shop Shop, your number one Glock supplier worldwide. Due to the numerous questions on how to place an order, we have made it simple for our clients to do this anytime and from any online device.

Here are the following steps to Order.

Step 1

Select your products which you’ll like to purchase and add to your shopping cart. If you do not see any items you are looking for, you can search on the search bar on the top right corner or visit our shop from the menu at the top right of the website to see more products.

Step 2

Once your cart is filled with your selected items, you can now proceed to filling your billing /shipping details

Step 3

After filling your shipping/billing information, you’ll have to select your preferred payment method from the options provided. We have PayPal, zelle , cash app and digital payments with bitcoins. All orders can only be completed and shipped when payment is made.

Step 4

Once payment is completed, we’ll start processing your order and it’ll take about 4 hours before your order is registered and sent out. ETA is usually 3 to 4 days if you’re based in the United States. For clients outside the states you’ll have to wait a little much longer depending on your location but one thing is certain, All deliveries will be completed.