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GLOCK 19 GEN 5. Yes, it’s a new generation of Glocks… the Gen5!  Glock is always on a mission of making handguns that fits the needs of the market. The new generation 5 firearm is evidence that they listen to their customers. Glock 19 Gen 5 is among the new releases from this renowned handgun manufacturer. It has additional features and improvements that make it distinctive from previous Glock 19 generations.

What is new on Gen 5

This firearm has a new finishing that is tougher and durable. Unlike Glock 19 Gen 4, G19 Gen 5 features an nDLC finish on the slide and barrel. So, you can expect this gun to serve you longer than the past generations.
Also, this Glock 19 Gen 5 features a new barrel. The manufacturer fitted the Glock’s Marksman barrel on this gun. This aspect gives Gen 5 high riffling accuracy. The gun has an expansive double stacked 15 rounds mag capacity. With this capacity, you can carry this compact handgun around each day.
Perfect for left-handed individuals

About GLOCK 19 GEN 5

In most cases, gun manufacturers pay attention to left-handed individuals. But Glock is exceptional. Glock 19 Gen 5 is a suitable firearm for right-handed and left-handed individuals. This pistol comes with an ambidextrous slide stop lever allowing you to release the slide from either hand. In addition, it has a flared magwell for quick reloads.
Who is the gun best for
Like Glock 19 Gen 3 and Gen 4, this pistol is suitable for any user. It is a good idea for beginners considering its ease of loading and using. The handgun is small and light, making it a perfect concealing carry gun.
Again, it has no finger grooves on the grip. This means you have the freedom to place your fingers where they fit best. Plus, the size of your fingers is no longer an issue.
As such, if you want a durable and super accurate handgun, Glock 19 Gen 5 is a perfect idea.

Here is just a short list of the new features.


New Finish: Glock’s nDLC finish is tougher, more durable, and is on both the barrel and the slide.

New Barrel: Glock’s “Marksman” barrel feature new rifling for improved accuracy.

No Finger Grooves: Now your fingers go where they want to go… which is not necessarily where the finger grooves were.

Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever: Makes it easy to release the slide whether you’re shooting right or left handed.

Flared Magwell: Subtle but effective in quick reloads.

More Reasons to Choose The GLOCK 19 GEN 5:

The first and best reason to consider this pistol is because it’s a Glock 19; arguably the best all-purpose handgun ever made.

It is large enough to be a duty gun and offer functional accuracy and a substantial magazine capacity while being small and light enough for everyday concealed carry.

You can dry fire your GLOCK pistol, but we recommend using a snap cap or dummy round if you will be dry firing for a long period of time.

The Glock 19 has an expansive double stacked mag capacity of 15 rounds of 9mm plus one. This magazine size is superb for a compact pistol designed for everyday carry. 15 rounds has become the standard for compact firearms and Glock was at the forefront with the 19. 9mm Ammo For Glock.

It is equally good for beginners because it has a larger area of grip and a wider sight radius from front to rear sight. By far, my favorite full size handgun is the Glock 19 9mm.

It’s the most widely used law enforcement pistol the world over and is designed meticulously using scientific technology.

Glock is America’s favorite handgun, buying a Glock is a safe choice.

Buy from us today for the best in quality and an effective and efficient delivery worldwide.

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