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GLOCK 19M – 9MM. It was developed for use by the FBI, and served as the predecessor to the Gen5 line.  Glock 19M – 9MM is a standard handgun that will amaze you. The gun was primarily made for the FBI but is now available for civilians in the US. Essentially, it is the most popular firearm among law enforcement officers. The firearm contains all the features of Glock 19 Gen 5 but with some extras.

The outstanding features in Glock 19M -9mm


As mentioned, this handgun shares the Gen 5 specs. However, it has additional customizations that align with the FBI standards. Some of these specs include
Ameriglo Agent Night Sights – this makes it easy to use at night.
Extended Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever – the feature offers a flexible opportunity allowing you to shoot using the right or the left hand.

Rounded “FBI” magazine catch.

These features make Glock 19M a consideration for many law enforcement forces. For instance, the marines are considering it as the sidearm. Also, Corps are replacing their M9 Berretta with this Glock series. This aspect is confirmation of its reliability and capability.

Why do you need this handgun?

Like Glock 19 Gen 4 and Gen 3, this pistol is safe. It is lightweight, allowing you to carry and use it without any issues. Also, the gun has little to zero jamming issues. In case the issue arises, it clears faster within seconds.
When it comes to durability, the gun supersedes other pistols at this level. Its powerful finishing makes it one of the durable pistols from the Glock series. Again, if you ever used Glock 19 Gen 3 and later generations, you can confirm that their performance and accuracy are exceptional.
Glock 19M is even better in these aspects. You can expect to have an all-situation handgun that offers a self-defense weapon, concealed carry gun, and target shooting pistol in a single package. Get yours today and have the best shooting and self-protection experience.

More Information on the GLOCK 19M – 9MM:


Additionally, to meet the FBI’s service standards, the 19M also includes Ameriglo Agent Night Sights, the Extended Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever, and the unique rounded “FBI” magazine catch.

More Marines are carrying the Glock 19M as a sidearm while the Corps searches for a pistol to replace the M9 Beretta.

Earlier this year, the Marine Corps fielded the smaller and more compact Glock 19M to Marines and civilians in the Criminal Investigation Division as well as Marines in Helicopter Squadron One.

Just like all Glock weapons, it  is a very safe handgun to carry & use. It’s not the pistol itself that makes the Glock unsafe to carry chambered but the user or the one who owns & is careless in handling their weapon.

It is quite unlikely to jam. And if it does jam, it only takes a second to clear.

Conclusion. Ultimately, any Glock 19 model will be well worth your time and money. Few pistols offer such consistent performance and phenomenal value over their lifespans, and the G19 will serve you well as a target shooting pistol, a self-defense weapon, and a concealed carry firearm all in the same package.

Buy GLOCK 19M – 9MM from our shop today for the best in quality and an effective and reliable delivery worldwide.

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